Zoya Part 2

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Today I'm swatching 5 more Zoya polishes. I am saving Pinta for tomorrow's NOTD because I want to wear it to a picnic and for the rest of the weekend. I'd like it to be as fresh as possible since I don't change it until Monday.

Speaking of Monday... what would you guys like to see swatched?? OPI DS's or my China Glaze stash?? I want to eventually get my WHOLE stash swatched!

On to the Zoya's! I'm learning a lot about the polish. MOST only require 2 coats AND they are pretty fast drying, even without Seche Vite top coat!

Up first today is Drew:

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Drew is simply divine. Such a gorgeous color. Girly and hip! I'm pleasently surprised with this one. When I saw the bottle I was like mehhh... even though swatches from other blogs were gorgeous. This one is a fall must have!

Next we have Shivon:

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From what I understand people love this one. Me... not so much. I don't hate it. I just don't love it. Maybe it's my skin tone but it doesn't look right on me =(

Next is Demi:

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Oh my... what a gorgeous cream. Can you even stand it?! I never thought I could love a purple creme, but Demi certainly proved me wrong!

Next is Yasmeen:

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I was on the hunt for a blackened shimmery purple. Yasmeen, while gorgeous, did not fit the bill for that. It's a dark shimmy purple but the blackened effect I was looking for is not there. Not as much as I wanted anyway lol It's still a keeper.. I mean LOOK at it! The search is still on!

Finally, today, we have Ibiza:

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True to it's name, Ibiza is GORGEOUS. I'm not a blue wearer. But I'll wear me this blue. Slight shimmer and was almost perfect in just one thicker coat! I did 2 coats for sanity's sake but you could definately try and work it out with only 1. It does look a bit more blue IRL. ** Please please please use a base coat with this. I only kept it on for about 5 minutes and my nails are stained blue. When I keep a color on I always use Zoya Anchor Base coat. It is my fav base coat and will save you nails from looking like you're morphing into a smurf =P

Till tomorrow! I'll be posting my NOTD, Pinta, and then taking a break til Monday!