Zoya Ignite Nail Polish Swatches + Review – Fall 2014

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While we're seeing a lot of creamy hues this Fall Zoya did it one better by pairing their Entice Collection with the liquid metallic Ignite Collection. With this collection it's impossible to pick a fave. Beyond impossible. This is one of those posts where you'll scroll down and keep going "no, that one is my fave".

Zoya Ignite Nail Polish Swatches

All of the swatches below are done with two coats. The photos were taken inside with a flash.

Autumn(varnished copper liquid metal).

Zoya Autumn Nail Polish Swatches

India (deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer).

Zoya India Nail Polish Swatches

Teigen(pink toned cranberry with a copper liquid metal).

Zoya Teigen Nail Polish Swatches

Sansa (deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle, liquid metal formula).

Zoya Sansa Nail Polish Swatches

Remy(brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid).

Zoya Remy Nail Polish Swatches

Yuna(warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal).

Zoya Yuna Nail Polish Swatches

Which of these stunning metallics are your faves?

Zoya Ignite Nail Polish retail for $9.00 each or $54.00 for the set of six. These polishes and more are available at Zoya.com.