Zoya GEMMA Swatches & Review

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Imagine my surprise when visiting Ulta on Sunday when I saw a ZOYA display! It was hidden towards the back where they keep all the polishes, just 2 displays on a kiosk type rounder. 3 polishes from the Intimate collection were displayed, and then 4 or 5 brights that were just randoms from the core line. Summery colors.

I was over the moon to see that my number one ZOYA lemming, GEMMA, was among the 3 featured from the Intimate collection.

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Gemma is part of the "Green" color family and is described as a dual toned metallic. The dual tone is what attracted me to this polish in the first place. It's so unique. I haven't been around the polish block as much as others, but I have never seen anything like it.

The wear on this is pretty good, the same as any other Zoya. I do have some tip wear already, but I've noticed Zoya polishes tend to last longer when you use their Color Lock System, rather than just your regular base and top coat. I had this system some time ago when you could pick a couple of free polishes if you bought the system. I wish they'd do that again so I could justify another huge purchase ;)

Zoya polishes retail for $8 (yes, they went up again) and can be purchased online at their website, or, apparently, at some Ulta's!

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