Zoya Edyta Nail Polish

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FINALLY the last of my Zoya 3 free promotion arrived!! I placed my order January 4 and have had my other polishes for over a month now... FINALLY I sucked it up and messaged customer service on their live chat. Really, I should have done it sooner, but I know they had A LOT going on and were getting a lot of crap from people who weren't getting things fast enough... so I just didn't want to bug. The live chat rep told me that some orders with Edyta on them actually had Edyta drop right off the order! So, if you ordered Edyta, and haven't received it, get ahold of them! I also saw on Facebook the backordered Kelly's are being shipped as well.

In addition to Tiffany, and Cheryl, I ordered a Zoya fan fav Edyta. It did not disappoint! It actually made me think of a few polishes I already own, so I'll need to do a comparison post in the future. I'm not going to name them now, just in case I'm wrong I wouldn't want anyone to NOT order it and kick yourselves later!

This is Zoya Edyta with 3 coats, no top or base, I was too excited to put it on!

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Really, it looked good after 2 coats, but I love to put on 3 ;) (Zoya makes a great polish, BTW). Zoya's apply evenly and stay on quite decently. I enjoy using their base coat as well from time to time.

Zoya polishes retail for $7 and can be purchased off of the website or if you're lucky enough to have a salon near you that carries them.

If Zoya did another 3 free deal what polishes would you purchase? I would be all over Bela, Gemma, and Ivanka!