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*This post and the giveaway are sponsored by Think About Your Eyes via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All stories and opinions are honest and my own.

Here's something you may not know about me (unless you're my Mom... Hi, Mom!). I wear glasses. I wear thick glasses. You're probably sitting there right now thinking how your prescription of a minus 5 is bad. Up until a month ago I was a minus 8 in both glasses and contacts. Now my glasses have been bumped to a minus 9. My husband also wears glasses. His prescription isn't that bad but it makes it almost certain that our kids will have to wear glasses at some point.

Wearing Glasses

Recently I noticed my son Owen, who is currently 8 and around the same age I was when I first started wearing glasses, was leaning over the table and getting close to read homework papers. I asked him a few more questions about how well he can see the chalkboard, does he get headaches... the usual. Up until now I'd just been playing eye doctor at his pediatricians during his yearly check-up and randomly quizzing him via the eye chart they had hanging on the wall. He'd never actually been to see an optometrist. I figured it couldn't hurt to have him looked at by a professional.

He went in and had a blast at the eye doctor. I've never seen anyone go through the motions of an eye exam with as much enthusiasm as a kid buying junk food at a carnival. At the end the doctor informed me that my son was around a minus 1. He probably needs the glasses just for heavy reading and school, but recommended since it's Summer (which means tournament baseball games and all day camp activities) Owen should go the season before we purchase them, since they'd likely break if we bought them now. So, we're going back in August to get him reassessed and to try on some specs.

Owen was SO MAD he wasn't getting glasses! I remember wanting glasses at his age too, and for sure he looks adorable in them, but per doctors orders we are waiting a few months. Because it's stated "only 2 in 5 (40%) parents believe an eye exam is essential to a child’s healthy checkup schedule. This is roughly half as many who say an annual trip to the dentist (81%) and an annual trip to the pediatrician (78%) are essential. Younger children are more likely to miss out – parents of children age 7 and older are significantly more likely to say an eye exam is essential than parents with children 6 and younger (44% vs. 36% respectively)" when we go back in I'm also going to have my daughter looked at. Lydia is 6 and isn't showing signs of vision troubles, but just in case we might as well have our doctor take a peek. It's likely she'll be mad if she isn't getting glasses also... because fashion.


Yes. That's absolutely a tattoo on her arm. Obviously a fashionable one.

Speaking of fashion... all year long we need to be aware of harmful UV rays, so it's important that in addition to getting your kids eyes checked for regular eye glasses you're also choosing sunglasses that are protective. Annually kids generally get three times as much exposure to sun than adults and by the time they're 18 they'll have acquired almost 25% of their lifetime UV exposure.

Tips for choosing sunglasses for kids:

  • Look for a UVA/UVB sticker or label when purchasing quality sunglasses.
  • Make your purchase from a reputable retailer. Inexpensive party favors or holiday-themed shades are not always UV-protective.
  • Check out sunglasses with large frames or adjustable straps (e.g., Velcro or elastic) which are more likely to stay in place.
  • Consider shades without hinges so that children can put on their own sunglasses without pinching their fingers.
  • Increase protection with wraparound sunglasses that can protect the side of the eyes and eyelids.
  • Purchase plastic sunglasses for children who are prone to losing or breaking them; they're inexpensive and easily replaceable.
choosing sunglasses for kids

Now that you know all about my family's vision issues and how to choose the right sunglasses for the kids in your life, how about a little giveaway?

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The details: Entrants must be 18+ and reside in the US. Please enter below by waiting for the Rafflecopter Widget to load. Full terms & conditions are listed on the widget and make sure to follow all directions listed on the widget entries or your entry will not be valid. There is only one mandatory entry for this giveaway ---> Go to the Think About Your Eyes website and locate your nearest eye doctor by using the eye doctor locater. Come back to the Rafflecopter widget and leave the name of the nearest eye doctor in the space provided. After you complete the one mandatory entry more entry options will appear. Those are optional, but will obviously increase your chances of winning.

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Good luck!

*This post and the giveaway are sponsored by Think About Your Eyes via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All stories and opinions are honest and my own.