WOOT! First Blog Award!!

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I'm so excited! I woke up this morning, checked the blog roll and found I had a blog award passed on to me!

The Rules:

• Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.

Thank you EMILY!! Emily is my oldest and dearest friend. We go all the way back to FOURTH grade when we were both the new kids!! Check out her blog, her writing style is extremely witty, I think you'll enjoy it!

• Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.

Happy for a kid-free zone. (I hypenated kid-free to make it one word, see that? hehe)

• Pass it on to blogs which you feel have real substance.
Christopher & Tia

The blogs above are ones that I check out DAILY and ones that have frequent and interesting posts. Well deserving of this blog award!

Emily also tagged me to answer the following 8 questions.

1) Do you have any tattoos? What/where?
There is one... which I got when I was a skinny thing. It's a yellow flower (which has seriously grown into a Begonia since I had kids) with tribal biznass behind it. It used to be so beautiful lol I want another that I can make my kids the subject of, I just have no idea where.

2) Where were you born?
PA baby!

3) What was the first drink you had legally after turning 21?
What's weird, is that my first DRINK I remember. I was 16 and it was with Emily, my friend who tagged me in this award. I have no idea what my first drink at 21 was. It's likely it was either a shot of Red Headed Slut, a shot of straight Tequila, or a Parrot Bay and Pinapple drink.. Those were the usuals.

4) Which side of bed do you sleep on (if you were standing at the foot of the bed)?

5) What is your favorite curse word?
I drop the eff bomb a lot. Sometimes I catch myself and just say eff or fudge.. Luckily, my son copies daddy and not mommy!

6) What is your favorite band from the 80s? Bonus points if it's a hair metal band.
Michael Jackson. I know it's a person and technically not a "band" but this was back when he was really good.

7) Do you believe in ghosts/ufo/the supernatural?
I do. I have first hand experiences to prove it. They'll freak your freak.

8) Who holds the #1 spot on your freebie list? You know what list I mean {wink, wink}
are we getting dirty right now?! lol Paul Walker and Jensen Ackles. They fight for #1. Fun to look at fo' sho'.