#WinTheDay the Right Way With Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleansers

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You've got the look, the bag, the shoes .... you're completely put together and ready, and you make it look easy. And it is easy to maintain yourself as well as you maintain your Balenciaga, and luckily for a small fraction of the cost.

#WinTheDay the Right Way With Clearasil Daily Clear 3

As part of their #WinTheDay campaign Clearasil sent over some of their Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit line for me to try out and talk a little about how I #WinTheDay. I win the day by waking up, smiling and laughing with my kids and making sure their day is a positive one.

After they're off to school or settled into an activity I get ready for my own day. One of the very first things I do is wash my face. I wash my face at night as well, but grime and gross can still settle even while you're sleeping, and when you apply makeup it's important to start with a clean base.

The Clearasil Daily Clean Refreshing Superfruit Scrub is perfect once or twice a week at night (you can use it more often but my face can be super sensitive), but on the other evenings and mornings I reach for the Superfruit Wash.

#WinTheDay the Right Way With Clearasil Daily Clear Scrub

On the mornings when I feel particularly rushed or, let's be honest, lazy the Superfruit Pads are what I reach for. Some nights when I have had a busy day of running around or have worn heavy makeup I use one of these even after I wash my face.

From start to finish who wouldn't want their day to be a winner? Beginning your day on an invigorating note will set the tone for an amazing day. You've got to rock the power face as hard as you rock that power bag!

#WinTheDay the Right Way With Clearasil Daily Clear pads

How do you #WinTheDay? Tell me in the comments below!

#WinTheDay the Right Way With Clearasil Daily Clear

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