Winks by Georgie Beauty 'La Chérie' Faux Lash Compact Review & a GIVEAWAY!

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Recently, I had a fabulous opportunity to test out the line Winks by Georgie Beauty. I was really excited about this because I have never attempted to apply false lashes, let alone wear them.

I'll admit, I was nervous. How can I do a brand justice if I'm not adept at using the focus product?

Thankfully, Winks by Georgie Beauty are so well made and easy to use, application was a snap!

The set that I tested out is the 'La Chérie' Faux Lash Compact which is described on the Nordstrom website as follows:

Winks by Georgie™ delivers compact faux lashes featuring the first botanically infused lash adhesive in an all-in-one, eco-chic, refillable compact. La Chére provides length and definition for a polished look from coffee to cocktails.

I can't believe it only took two tries to apply these. I know it's not PERFECT, but for someone who has zero background in the art of lash application, I'd say it looks dang super. And you can't even tell I have fakes on in person, they look so real and lush! (In the photo above I'm wearing the Armani ETK Shadow in 20 and ETK Mascara).


The lashes are delicate and natural and come with simple instructions on how to apply. You really only need to buy the compact once, and then the lashes separately as you need them. They can all store in the same compact.

The glue works fabulously. I held the lashes with tweezers and as the glue squeezed out it only adhered to the lash line, when you took the pressure off the tube it sucked up the excess. PERFECT line of glue!

Removal was easy... I put some eye makeup remover on a cotton ball, held it on my eye for about 10 seconds, and they came right off. I also was able to clean them without issue with the eye makeup remover and place them back in the case for another run.

I don't go "out" much, but when I do have events or special occasions I will absolutely buy and re-buy and re-buy Winks by Georgie Beauty.

You can purchase the Winks by Georgie Beauty 'La Chérie' Faux Lash Compact for $28.00 at Nordstrom. Just need glue? They sell that separately too! Or maybe you want to choose one of the ten sets of lashes? Just go here and check out all of what Winks by Georgie Beauty has to offer... it's a lot!


Giveaway time!!!!

You can enter this giveaway via the RAFFLECOPTER WIDGET that will be at the bottom of this post. This giveaway is U.S. ONLY, but not to worry my loves, the June giveaway begins TOMORROW and is open to all.

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***Items provided by Winks by Georgie Beauty for review purposes and also for the giveaway. All opinions are my own, and honest. The winner will be picked by the company and the prize will also ship from them.