What To Pack in Your Holiday Party Handbag

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*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own.

It's comical to think that I'll ever be able to make do with just a clutch at a party... or anywhere for that matter. I've tried. I've even tried a wallet on a chain - but seriously... even when you spend all that money you still can't fit your powder and lipstick in there. Even blotting papers and a teeny tiny lipstick aren't cutting it. Then you have a weirdo bulge on the front of your expensive, fanciful clutch and (if you're like me) that will make you never want to use it again. Because of all of that insanity I've graduated myself up from clutch to convertible crossbody.

First of all, wtf is a convertible crossbody? WELL. It's a handbag (obv) that has a strap (usually a chain, which I prefer) that when pulled a certain way can be doubled up so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or you can let it fall to one strap and carry it across your body. I do have a few of these, none of which are particularly festive, so during a recent sale I used up some gift cards and splurged on the Tory Burch Marion Tweed Medium Fleming Bag.

What to pack for a holiday party

Burgundy is a huge color this year (YAY) ... I mean... it is so Marsala aka the 2015 color of the year. So when I saw this in store I knew I had to have it and HOPED it wouldn't be excluded in a sale I knew was coming up. It was not excluded when the sale hit, so purchase it I did.

So, what's in this thing and how much can it hold? Well, I will tell you that just because it's not a clutch doesn't mean it's going to hold a ton of stuff. You can carry all of your necessities but you do have to be practical. After taking this bag to it's first holiday party for a test run I think I've got it down.

how to pack your purse for a holiday party tory burch

Wallet. Because you need to have cash, ID, maybe a card... your medical insurance (you never know!). I chose the Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Amarante because it has a lot of little slots and areas to hold what I need. It zips the whole way around so nothing gets lost and it can even hold a little change if you need it to (do pay phones still exist?!).

Makeup. Start off by wearing a lip shade that just won't quit. In a recent Instagram post I showed the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Heathers, which is a super deep burgundy. As vampy as you can get before you border onto goth-land which I can't pull off. Wearing this type of lip formula assures you that you don't need to bring it with you to touch-up throughout the night. A less expensive alternative is the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, but it doesn't last as long. What I do bring with me just to keep my lips hydrated is a lip balm such as Jack Black Lip Balm. That along with blotting papers is really ALL you need in your bag. If it's going to be a long night I do also bring powder and a small brush with me. IT Cosmetics makes my fave brush in a mini-travel size and I just about lost my mind when I saw it at ULTA Beauty!

Little Things. This is basically little random things that are important to keep on you for emergencies. In this little pouch I keep anti-bac, safety pins, bobby pins, hair ties, gum, two band-aids (usually ones meant for Blisters), floss (because food in the teeth isn't okay), lash glue - you wouldn't believe how often I have to fix other peoples lashes and plus if you need to fix your own you'll need this. For some reason NO ONE ELSE will have it. Also, extra battery life for your cell. Capture memories, y'all.

beauty items to take to a holiday party

Throat Drops. Usually I put a few Ricola®Dual Action Honey Lemon drops in my little things bag and I also keep two in the outer pocket of the crossbody with the gum and lip balm so that they're that much more accessible. I've been out and about before and either allergies hit me or my body decides it's time to be sick. These drops use Chrüterchraft (a blend of 10 natural Swiss alpine herbs) natural menthol and a soothing honey lemon syrup center to provide soothing, naturally effective, fast relief so I can continue having fun with my day and/or night.

FUN FACT & GIVEAWAY: it's the 75th Anniversary of Ricola's Original Herb Drop! Click here to learn some facts about Ricola® and also be sure to play the "75 years in 75 seconds" game, where you could be entered to win a Ricola Herb drop made of GOLD!

Ricola® Dual Action Honey Lemon drops

Hair Brush. Okay. This is a maybe item. If you curl your hair you won't need this, BUT if you're like me and you hair looks a little crazy when it's straight then you need to carry around a small brush to get at yourself. Manners, though... not at the table. Go to the bathroom and get it in order. The one I carry pops open and there is also a small mirror on the inside.

Tory Burch Marion Tweed inside

This bag carries everything I need and still leaves room for my cell phone and keys.

Are you with me? Convertible Crossbody over the Clutch? Let me know in the comments what you're packin'!

How to Pack a Holiday Party Bag Handbag

*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.