What No One Tells You About Aging

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*Thank you to Silk’n for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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Do you guys know that as you get older you'll get more hair on your face? It's one of those deals that no one talks about when it comes to aging but it happens to us all. You'll hear people going on and on about skincare, which is certainly important, but no one speaks of those random coarse hairs that crop up literally overnight. They will not be there at all when you go to bed, but when you wake up you'll have at least three. Hormones, y'all.


Plucking these hairs can irritate your skin and possibly leave bumps. Shaving them is okay, but it really doesn't solve anything. When it comes to being someone who does not want facial hair, finding a more permanent solution is imperative. So, shave 'em, but afterwards get at the area with the Silk’n Flash&Go Express($299.00).

While many of us ladies (and some men!) like to de-hair all the things the face is a feature we can't hide, therefore it's more important to focus on permanent hair removal on that area. We can cover imperfections and blemishes with makeup, but not facial hair. Makeup tends to make the hair on your face be more noticeable as well as hinder makeup application. Since June I've been using the Silk’n Flash&Go Express on my face, particularly concentrating on the chin and upper lip. The pulsed light technology targets hair follicles at the root disabling future hair growth, making shaving a thing of the past. It's the beautiful new way to remove unwanted hair forever. With continued use you can be silky smooth and stubble-free every day!


In these last three months with continued use of the device I've noticed reduced hair growth in the chin and upper lip areas as well as less coarseness. I intend to keep using thing until I see nothing at all. I'm also going to start on other areas like sideburns and armpits. Like I said previously I love that this device is small, easy to maneuver and hold, plus it's quick (which is truly the number one thing I look for in any device). I can do an entire treatment with time to spare in less time than it takes to toast bread. Before work, after work, during lunch... any time, any where you can use this. It's small enough to travel with and quick enough to use during a bathroom break. No excuses.


Check out the Silk'n website here and join the Silk’n not shaven revolution!

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*Thank you to Silk’n for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.