Wet N Wild SPOILED BRAT Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio Swatches, Review & Guest FOTD

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It's obvious by now that I'm a huge fan of the Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Trios and that the brand is becoming one of my favorite drug store brands of all time.

Spoiled Brat is pretty much launched up in outer space and way out of my comfort zone. There is something about it, though, that makes me do a double take. I was sitting here looking at the shades off and on, thinking... how in the world am I going to make this work for me?!

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Luckily, my cousin Liz always loves a good, dramatic look and she needed her makeup done yesterday, so I decided to use this palette on her to show it off at it's maximum potential. (I'd like to take this time to point out that I am NOT in any way, shape, or form a makeup artist and do not fancy myself one. I do like to do other peoples makeup and occasionally do some of my friends makeup for events, but I don't work for anyone and I'm not sponsored by anyone.)

The Coloricon Trios basically idiot proof the process for you, marking the three shades for eyelid, crease, and browbone. I don't know how I feel about silver on the brow bone. You can see in the guest FOTD pics that I'll post below how I used everything ;)

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The shades of Spoiled Brat are not as soft as those of the Coloricon Eye Shadows that I've used in the past. However, the fall out is immense. You absolutely NEED to do your eye makeup before your other makeup. I did quite a bit of cleanup on Liz, especially with the pink shade.

The top Silver shade was the softest and easiest to use and blend. The middle black shade may look like it has a ton of glitter, but that really didn't transfer much to the swatch and the eye, so if glitter isn't your thing, I wouldn't worry about it with this shadow. If it IS your thing, then you may be a bit disappointed that it doesn't translate well. The third neon pink shade is SUPER beautiful. It went on well as long as I patted it all over and then spread it around the lid. I had to apply it this way twice to make for even coverage.

Overall, if you LOVE a bright, smokey look - but (like me) aren't comfortable wearing it all of the time... Spoiled Brat (did I mention how much I LOVE the name of this one?!) will be right up your alley! It's affordable, wears well, and gives off that pop of color you need. Plus, everyone should have a black and silver in their arsenal... a random neon doesn't hurt either ;)

The Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Trios can be found at drugstores for a retail price of $2.99. For more information visit the Wet N Wild website or follow Wet N Wild on Twitter or Facebook.

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Guest FOTD: Featuring Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat & COUSIN LIZ!

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For This Look I Used:

~ MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer NW25
~ Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Skin Tint SPF 20 - 1 Cream
~ Lancome Dual Finish Powder Matte Bisque II
~ Bobbi Brown Mascara (not sure what kind, it was a sample from a website order)
~ Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio
~ MAC Shroom Eye Shadow (highlight)
~ MUFE Aqua Liner in 15
~ MAC Pink Cult Blush
~ Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy
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Normally when I do other peoples makeup I ask them to bring their own mascara and face products (because I don't have a ton of different foundation shades, and don't do makeup enough to warrant buying a ton of them to keep on hand.) Liz forgot her makeup bag, but luckily we're the same shade so I just used my stuff and clean brushes on her. I also had a sample of a mascara so I was able to have her use that (she likes to put her own mascara on) and she kept it.

Since the eye look was bold I kept her cheeks and lips at a minimum. After all, she WAS on the way to pick up her boyfriend at the airport, not going out to a club or anything ;) If you're interested in checking out other Guest FOTD looks, click here!

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