Wet N Wild IT'S A GIRL, PINK CHAMPAGNE, PEACHY KEEN, RING AROUND THE ROSY Mega Shield Lip Color SPF15 Swatches and Review

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My first purchase of the Wet N Wild Mega Shield Lip ColorSPF15 in Salsa Lessons was such a hit I couldn't help but buy four more shades! With the price being so amazing, I was looking to get more, but the local displays of this product have remained rather empty. The four shades I chose, It's A Girl!, Pink Champagne, Peachy Keen, and Ring Around the Rosy, were found after stopping at three locations. So I probably spent more in gas than I did on the makeup lol

What the Wet N Wild website has to say about Mega Shield Lip Color:

Color, comfort, and care! Luxurious color delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage that glides on buttery-soft for a smooth, moist-looking pout. Lips are pampered with Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Oil that moisturize and condition for silky, soft comfort. And with SPF 15, lips are cared for and protected from harmful UVB rays.

(L-R: It's A Girl!,Pink Champagne, Peachy Keen, Ring Around the Rosy)


(L-R: It's A Girl!,Pink Champagne, Peachy Keen, Ring Around the Rosy)


(all pics can be clicked to enlarge them to their full size!)

It's A Girl

It's A Girl! is a mid-tone blue-pink frost. This shade almost borders on too frosty, but there is something about it that I like.


Pink Champagne

Pink Champagne is an extremely frosty, medium mauve-pink. Very 80's workout video.


Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is a bronzed peach frost. I rather like this one, because it's not so icy that it's garish and allows for a hint of gold.


Ring Around the Rosy

Ring Around the Rosy is a creamy raisin shade. My favorite of the four shown here!


Overall, The pigmentation is amazing and the feel is smooth and moisturizing. This isn’t like a lip balm, this is a thick shade that will cover your lips but not cake off. They’ll last a few hours (a little longer than a lustre lipstick but not as long as a matte shade) and are unscented. I prefer the creamier ones to the frostier, but they all are high-performing.

For those of you looking for a top notch and EXTREMELY affordable lip product you are going to want to pick up a few of the Mega Shield Lip Color.

Wet N Wild Mega Shield Lip Color retail for $2.99 each. Some have had an instant $1.00 off coupon on it, but I've only seen that at CVS. 14 of these shades have been released and I see all of them in my not so distant future.