Wet N Wild Eye Make-Up Remover Photos & Review

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Wet N Wild Eye Make-Up Remover is actually a product I recently picked up on a whim while at Rite-Aid. I had NO idea Wet N Wild actually made a make-up remover, but here you have it!

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The Wet N Wild Make-Up Remover is stated to "Sweep away the most stubborn mascaras, shadows, liners, and shimmers. This oil-free, moisturizing formula is enriched with Aloe Vera to hydrate and soothe the delicate skin around the eye."

On the back of the bottle it also says that it is Hypo-Allergenic, Ophthalmologist tested, and suitable for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers. I have both sensitive eyes AND I wear contact lenses.

First, the positives. It DOES work. I soaked a cotton ball and used this the way I normally would with any other makeup remover (I usually use MAC, but I keep samples of Dior and Chanel as well because I love them but they are too $$). I was pleased to see WnW held its own with the high end brands and while it doesn't take everything off in ONE sweep, it DOES take it off just as quickly as the other brands listed.

Wet N Wild Make-Up Remover ALSO does not leave any type of oil residue. With the other brands, I have to remove eye makeup before I wash my face to get the oily feeling off of my skin (even when it says they're oil free). With WnW I don't feel that I have to do that. It does not make my contacts fog up. With so many other eye make-up removers my contacts fog a bit after I use it. This one I haven't had that issue.

Another plus, is the top of the bottle. When you unscrew the cap it's not a wide open bottle where way too much product comes out, it has a stopper inside, so you can shake what you need out of a smaller opening.

Negatives - the smell is off putting. I don't even know what to compare it to, but it's not nice. It's not HORRIBLE, and it's definitely bearable and probably something you'd get used to, but I just don't like the scent. It burned my lid a bit as well. Like it got hot and made me hiss my breath in type of deal. I don't know WHY, and it didn't leave a mark. I must have gotten a bit in my eye?

What will I use this for? I don't know if I'll put it on my eyes any more. I don't like that hot feeling. However, I have been keeping it at my desk to remove swatches from my arm AND putting some on a cotton swab to clean up under my eye. It's also good for quickly removing lip swatches. This saves me from having to buy MAC Bulk Wipes, which used to be an HG of mine before discovering this.

How much is the Wet N Wild Eye Make-Up Remover, you ask? $1.99 and available at your local drugstore!