Wet N Wild EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN Coloricon Bronzer Swatches & Review

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My second CVS score was the Wet N Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Everything Under the Sun. I picked this up along with the Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in The Gilded Age.

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Everything Under the Sun features 5 shades that can be swirled together to make the ultimate drugstore bronzer. The brown tones in this bronzer dominate more than you would think. The shades are slim, so it's hard to concentrate your brush on the bottom peach shade to lighten this up. I've worn it a few times now trying to see if the color would go differently on me, and it doesn't... no matter what I do. I am NW25 in MAC, so I would say if you're lighter than me, this might not be the bronzer for you. If you think it's perfect for your skin tone, then definitely pick it up. It's GORGEOUS on, though a tad shimmery, it's not offensive and will look beautiful with your bronzed makeup glow. I had no issue with contouring this and then blending up to my cheekbones. Lots of pigment love (so go easy).

You could also use these shades as eye shadows, but, as usual... I don't like the brush. Can't complain, though.. I mean... it's seriously the BEST drugstore bronzer product at the ultimate price.

The Wet N Wild Coloricon Bronzer retails for $2.99 at your local drugstore. I purchased mine at CVS. Call ahead to check availability.