Wet N Wild CARIBBEAN FROST Wild Shine Nail Color Swatches & Review

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I'm pretty sure this is the first Wet N Wild Nail Color that I've had the pleasure of sharing with you all! My stores never seem to have the nail colors in stock. There is a place for them, but they're never there! Luckily, when Wet N Wild sent me some items to review, nail polishes were in there. And then, of course, my store stocked up lol

The color that sang to me the most was Caribbean Frost. Check it:

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Caribbean Frost is a truly beautiful shade of emerald green teal. It was almost opaque in 2 coats, but I did think a third was necessary. The polish really does feel as though it's gliding on. It's so hard to describe. It's a bizarre feeling, but it's almost relaxing lol I sound really crazy. Caribbean Frost DOES have a bit streaky of a finish, like most frosts, but it's not as bad as a lot of other frosts I've seen that cost way more. BONUS: It didn't stain! WOOOOO!

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color retails for $0.99 and is available at your local drugstore. Not all drugstores are created equal, (like my Rite Aid has a really SAD WnW display but my CVS is bangin) so call to check on availability.

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