Wet N Wild BLUSHING 591 Mega Brilliance Lip Gloss Swatches & Review

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Add another notch to the drugstore belt.. Wet N Wild's belt in particular. Glosses that appear to be gritty usually aren't my cup of tea, but I'm willing to try anything once. Read on to see what I thought about the Wet N Wild Mega Brilliance Lip Gloss in Blushing (ohhh like my blog hehe)

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Blushing Mega Brilliance Lip Gloss is a beautiful and vivid pink with chunky holographic glitter in the tube. On the lip it applies very sheer, but is still extremely moisturizing and surprisingly smooth.

You'd think with a very affordable brand the glosses would be a sticky and gross mess, but Wet N Wild's major strength is saving your wallet and your expectations simultaneously. There is NO stick. Another great feature, is that with the glitter particles you can't feel them unless you smush your lips. I was surprised by this because the particles are rather large for a gloss, and I was expecting to feel the agitation from them.

It is hard to see the holo glitter light up on the lip swatch, but when the light hits the particles it will be more reflective and noticeable.

Wet N Wild Mega Brilliance Lip Gloss retails for $1.99 and is available in 3 colors at your local drugstore.

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