Wet N Wild 502A and 525D Silk Finish Lipstick Swatches & Review

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Wet N Wild is without a doubt gaining popularity in the drugstore makeup front. I think with their rise they are certainly making other drugstore brands scramble to top a brand whose prices cannot be beat. Out of all of the drugstore brands out there, Wet N Wild is one of the few I use. I'm more apt to hitting up the high end makeup, but I'm not gonna lie, I go to the local drugstores at least 2-3 times a week looking for new Wet N Wild products, especially the eye shadow trios.

I haven't ventured into their lipsticks in a LONG time. I remember YEARS ago, when a Wet N Wild dupe for MAC Real Doll was found. I searched high and lo and FINALLY found the dupe at a random Rite-Aid about 30 minutes away. (I probably could have paid evil-bay prices on Real Doll for the amount of gas I spent searching out this dupe). I was so disappointed in the quality of that lippie. It was waxy and smelled funk. I gave it away as an extra in an MUA swap package.

I'm PROUD to report the lippies are now BETTER! They are not waxy at all and have a lovely fruity smell. I was impressed that they were soft enough alone on the lips, and didn't need a balm underneath or a gloss on top.

From the Wet N Wild website:

Enriched with conditioning ingredients of Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera for moist-looking lips.

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L-R: 502A, 525D

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502A is described as a dark pink frost. I find it to be more mauve toned on me, but definitely a frost. It actually reminds me of one of the MAC Viva Glams, but which one escapes me. It's a bit frostier though. I love a mauve lippie, but I wish the front on this one were a little less. It wears VERY well, though. Perhaps the frost could be toned down with a creme lipgloss.

525D is described as a retro pink. It's definitely got some HOT pink going on there with purple undertones. Normally, purple undertones don't work out so well on me, but this one looked nice! The pigment was hard to distribute evenly, so I had to get several swipes on there. I didn't use a lip liner with the swatch photo, but this would help to make it apply smoother as well as make the color pop evenly. I actually have a Wet N Wild lip liner here to review as well, so I'll try it with both of these lippies and let you know the dealio ;)

I think that the Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks are an excellent way to break into experimenting with colors that you wouldn't normally try. I tend to head more towards a nude or peach lippie, so next time I'm at the store I'm going to grab one up. I'd love to have one to keep in my makeup bag for everyday touch ups. Lord knows I use the MegaSlicks lipgloss in Berry Burst EVERY day.

Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks retail for $0.99 and are available at your local drugstore ;) FYI, at Rite-Aid they are currently buy one get one half off!

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