Week Of May 23. 2011 - Top 5 Blog Posts

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Time for Week 2 of the Top 5 Blog Posts!!! Check out last weeks HERE.

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With this past weeks release of Surf, Baby! This is a MAC dominated Top 5, for sure!

The number 1 blog post of this past week is MAC Surf, Baby! Mocha & Hibiscus Lipstick Swatches & Review! It's no doubt these are two GORGEOUS shades, and most deserving of the number one spot!

For it's second week on the Top 5 the Too Faced Eye Love Eyeshadow Collection Swatches & Review comes in second! Last week this post was in third place, so it moved up a notch! Must be something special if it came in as the ONLY non-MAC post to enter into the Top 5 for this week!

In third we have MAC Surf, Baby! Good Lovin' & Strange Potion Lipglass Swatches & Review! Strange Potion was popular even back with the MAC Venomous Villains Collection, so it's no surprise it's popular again! Good Lovin' is also an excellent beach bag shade. Lipglasses don't melt in extreme heat and are perfect to pop on your lips when you're on the go!

Fourth place is MAC Surf, Baby My Paradise Cheek Powder Swatches & Review. The "cult item" of the Surf, Baby collection! If you weren't able to get your hands on it, hold tight... it's going to be in my 1000 follower giveaway! Check out the teaser!

Rounding out the Top 5, no surprise, in fifth, is the MAC Surf, Baby! Sun Blonde, Saffron, and Surf USA Eye Shadow Swatches & Review! Bright and beautiful eye shadows dominated as the most sought after for this Summer collection from MAC. Most people were pleased with the shade choices as well as the pigment of them all.

I hope you're all enjoying this holiday weekend. It seems as though the weather has improved. We were outside ALL morning and early afternoon. I'm hiding out in the air conditioning while my hubby and son are outside washing cars. My daughter is zonked out for a nap. In hindsight I should have joined her, but now we have to be out the door in an hour for a picnic. I can't wait to curl up tonight and watch some Real Housewives of New Jersey!!

Any big plans this weekend? Whether you celebrate Memorial Day or not, I'd love to hear what you have going on, and if you plan on taking advantage of any holiday sales tomorrow!