Week Of June 27, 2011 - Top 5 Blog Posts

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In this Top 5, a MAC and Chanel post have completely knocked down my Giveaway =( That's ok, though ;) The launches were amazing, and deserved their spots on the Top 5 for this week!

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Coming in at NUMBER ONE... Chanel Peridot 531 Le Vernis Nail Colour Swatches & Review! It actually JUST rolled on to number one today, thank you to the lovely Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book for giving me a shout out on her post of Peridot!

The number two spot, for the second week in a row, goes to MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Hocus Pocus & Jealousy Wakes Eye Shadow Swatches & Review. I didn't know this in time last week, but Christine over at Temptalia.com posted a link to this review, and that is why it shot up so quickly in less than 2 days. So, thank you for the love, Christine!

Number THREE belongs to my Giveaway post! This ends on JULY 9! So, if you haven't entered already, get on it.

At number four this week, we have the FOTD Featuring MAC Jealousy Wakes & Hocus Pocus! Both of these shadows are truly gorgeous and deserve all of the love and hype they're getting. I loved them SO much I have the other 2 currently en route! AND the creators of Jealousy Wakes & Hocus Pocus, Christine and Lianne, have both tweeted that the shadows should be restocked, but there is no ETA on that.

Finally, number five goes to the MAC Semi-Precious Product Pictures & Information. I am SO excited for this collection from MAC! It looks so fun and beautiful. I'll be bringing you swatches of this collection (well, at least the items I order lol) this coming week as soon as I can order and overnight everything ;)

I hope everyone had a fabulous week! If you're celebrating July 4, please stay safe!!! Fireworks are fun, but dangerous... even sparklers! Please share you plans for the holiday AND if you have any planned hauls for this week, I'd loveeeeeee to hear about them!