Video: Simple & Sexy Loose Bun Hairstyle Tutorial - Enter to WIN $100 or More!

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Watch the video above all the way to the end and
you can enter yourself to win $100 or more!

In the video they show you how to do the sexy, loose bun in a low style, which is so casual and perfect to wear anytime (work, beach!) but this style can also be up higher. Which means, never pay to have your hair done for a wedding again!

You need - a curling iron, Hair Wax, Bobby Pins and a hair tie. In the pic, I threw in other things that I personally require (since I'm neither a hairstylist nor blessed with manageable hair) which is Argan Oil and Mousse.

Ridiculously simple (a lot more so than I thought) and takes minutes.


If you haven’t already, definitely watch the video at the top of this post. Not only does watching someone else do this style motivate you, but if you watch to the end you can enter to win $100 or more!

Curious about the contest? Watch this video to see how you can win. Here are the official rules.

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