VIDEO: Orange is the New Black "Red" Tutorial

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If you're not a fan of Orange is the New Black (hereby referred to as OITNB) then that's probably only because you haven't seen it yet. For my part I did a "Red" Tutorial. Galina "Red" Reznikov is the Russian cook that runs the joint.. at first. I'm only part way through Season 2 but she's definitely feeling a lot more humbled. I based this look off of a show poster I saw on Pinterest. Hopefully you like. It's my first tutorial so my editing is rough and I make fun of myself the entire time ;) Enjoy!

The video has a full listing of the products used. Below are just shots so you can see the look a little close up. Hope you enjoyed!

OITNB Red Makeup Tutorial
OITNB Red Makeup Eye Tutorial

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*some products used in this tutorial were provided by PR for consideration.