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As you're reading this post I'm just returning from New York City mostly for business, with a little bit of pleasure thrown in. This was my first time at the event I attended so I was very excited! It was also my first time flying alone and my first time bringing only carry-on luggage with me! I know. How is this possible, right? I went to NYC last year and really over-packed. I probably used a third of what was in my suitcase. This time I was prepared. I bought special organizers and made lists so I wouldn't forget anything and I'm only taking what I need.

I condensed big time and actually considered not even taking a razor (don't judge me, it was still a bit chilly and I could get away with pants) - until I got the opportunity to try out the new portable Venus Snap with Embrace Razor.

The new Venus Snap with Embrace Razor is the first portable razor for smoothness on-the-go – just add water! This is going to come in handy for sure because I won't have to pack shaving lotions and it's going to be a serious time saver since I won't have to worry about lathering up and then cleaning up after.

Venus Snap Razor with Embrace portable
Venus Snap Razor with Embrace packaging

This razor also fits into the palm of my hand and comes in a little case for safe storage. The portable stylish compact features Venus’ best Embrace blades on a mini-handle that conveniently tucks into any bag, for the freedom to be spontaneous with must-have smooth skin anytime, anywhere. Just wet the razor and you are ready to go! I could do this in the airplane bathroom. I wouldn't, but I could ;)

Venus Snap Razor with Embrace Photos Review

The new Venus Snap with Embrace Razor is a perfect match for smoothness on the go. It’s great for women with busy and active lifestyles – whether you skipped a shave and need to be smooth for a spontaneous night on the town, or just missed a few hairs.

Venus Snap Razor with Embrace size

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