Update on Sinful Colors Nail Polish

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Well... I have had Sinful Colors Love Bite on for a couple days now and I'm just not really impressed with the wear. It IS a dark color, which of course isn't going to look as good as a lighter color after a few days.... but I'm still less than impressed. It's pretty much gone at the tips of my nails and peels off pretty easily at the cuticle.

I'm rough on polish. My hands are constantly in water. Doing dishes (We don't have an electric dishwasher, just an old fashioned one referred to as Mom, Brooke... me), washing hands, bathing, helping kids wash their hands... Polish doesn't really stand the test of time on my hands. But I CAN get a couple of days out of OPI's and my China Glaze For Audrey lasted a week (yes a FULL week) before it did this on me.

You get better and longer wear off of the $2 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears... same price as the Sinful. Such a shame, these colors are pretty cool. Is it sad I'm still holding out major hope that the other 2 I bought are better??

I guess I answered my own question about why bloggers don't talk about this brand so much. When I did my searches I just mostly found Sinful glitters overtop of better name brand polishes. Now it all makes sense. =( Boo.