Top 21 Nail Polishes in my Stash

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I thought it would be fun to pick through my stash on a cold, house-bound day and pick out the polishes I could never part with. There are a lot of polishes that I love, but I narrowed it down to 21 that I couldn't part with come hell or high water.

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In no particular order (clicking links will navigate you away from the page, right click and open new window to stick around!):

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  • Missha Crystal - from Australia! I need more of these!
  • MAC Endless Night - a nude with attitude!
  • Dior Czarina Gold -I searched high and low for this, and by chance found it by calling a Bloomingdales in California. Hey, whatever you gotta do, right?
  • Dior Gold Nugget - this is an oldie... but a cultie! they should release it again. You can't tell in the photo, but it's almost half gone! the most used in my stash! (excuse the crap swatch)
  • Dior Merveille - a shimmery, juicy, cherry red... perfect for ANY season!
  • Cult Nails Unicorn Puke - this really needs no words... heaven in a bottle
  • Zoya Tiffany - Bet you thought I would have thrown in Zoya Brooke ;) I dun like it, but Tiffany stuns!
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And, finally, MAC Something About Pink from the Hello Kitty Collection (forgot to put it in the main photo, whoopsie!). This one is sentimental to me, because I was wearing it the day I gave birth to my daughter almost three years ago!

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What are some of your fave polishes? Are any sentimental to you?