Top 10 Silver & Gold Eye Shadow Palettes

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Silver and gold makeup (especially when worn together) always makes me think of the holidays. For this Top 10 Tuesday Silver & Gold theme I decided to focus on palettes or individual shadows that can be put into palettes. Some of the palettes listed below I own, others I'm just wishing to own. Just ask Burl Ives - you can never have enough silver and gold!

Silver and Gold Makeup
  1. Giorgio Armani Fall 2014 Eye Shadow Palette. This is limited edition for this year BUT you can still get your hands on it. I want my hands on it. PS I want you to want me.
  2. Marc Jacobs The Starlet. This is one of those palettes you'll have to pry out of my cold, dead hands. I love it that much. It's got more than just silver and gold shades in it, but damned if the silver and gold isn't the prettiest I've ever seen.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury The Golden Goddess. This palette is mostly gold, but touts a gorgeous silvered taupe. It's high on my wishlist!
  4. Make Up For Ever. These eye shadows are AMAZING. They feel incredible! The new 30 Years Palette has some amazing shades in with the silver and gold, but if that happens to sell out there are silver and gold shades sold separately. You need to get your hands into these shadows. Once you touch them you won't be leaving without them. I purchased 6, so look for that review soon!
  5. Dior. We all know Dior makes some killer silver and gold eye shadows in their 5 Couleur Eye Shadow Palettes, usually around the holidays. In an effort to show you items that are currently easily accessible I recommend Grege for your silver fix and Trafalgar for your gold fix.
  6. NYX Suede Color Palette. This palette also has more than just a standard silver and gold but the quality is so awesome and it's affordable at $11.99!
  7. Wet N Wild Comfort Zone. Great pigment, fantastic formula... one of my favorite eye shadow palettes from a drugstore.. or really anywhere!
  8. IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Transforming Eyeshadow Palette. While none of the shades in this palette are straightforward silver and gold there are variations and they start off as matte and transform into pearl with the help of the Transforming Pearl Eye Shadow.
  9. Chanel also makes some amazing quads, and for silver and gold focused ones I'm loving Intuition and Smokey Eyes.
  10. MAC makes excellent eye shadows and you can make your own palettes! Two of my favorite silver and gold shades are Gorgeous Gold and Silver Ring.

As an honorable mention I need to shout out to the orgasmic silver and gold eye shadow duo that Urban Decay released in the OZ The Great and Powerful Glinda Palette. It's LE and no longer available, but it stuck out in my mind enough that I wanted to include it!

As of this blog post all of these palettes are available for you to purchase. What are your favorite Silver and Gold eyeshadows?