Top 10 Seasonally Appropriate Fashion & Beauty Items for Spring

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I'm annoyed, you guys. The weather is all warm and pretty... then the next day huge snowflakes are falling making me want to rage. In an effort to nudge mother nature and maybe make ourselves are little happier the Top 10 Tuesday bloggers are sharing our faves for Spring!

In no particular order...

Top 10 Beauty Fashion Spring 2014
  1. A beauty product in radiant orchid. Such a given, but it needed to be put out there. Reference this post on some of my top radiant orchid picks.A spring time neutral face palette for every day. Because you'll reach for it constantly this type of palette should be a staple for you. Try Urban Decay Naked 3 or the Laura Mercier Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette (to be reviewed).
  2. An awesome razor. Be honest, your legs look like Sasquatch lives there. I'm not judging, it happens (more often than you or your bestie will ever admit to). I've been a super-fan of the Schick Hydro Silk and now it comes to you in sensitive form! My legs are singing this brands praises.
  3. A chic bag. Spring time means put the everyday black bag down and go for a blush, soft grey or mint shade. I'm lusting for this one from Rebecca Minkoff because it's muted but still edgy. You'll also need a vibrant bag for off work hours - one of my go-to faves for the last few years is the fuchsia Cupid from Rebecca Minkoff.
  4. Speaking of vibrant bags a crossbody is a hands-free necessity for all of the walking you're going to be doing in this gorgeous weather! I recently picked up this one in Mandarin from Michael Kors (and then 3 days later it went on sale... story of my life. Now that I look it's not on sale anymore. hrmmmm).
  5. Vibrant statement jewelry. I lust for this bib necklace from Kate Spade. Normally I go for dainty, but these are bold without making me feel uncomfortable.
  6. Flowy tops and sweaters to wear with comfy pants. I just lost my mind at Old Navy and American Eagle on their tops. If you get a sec to run in, you must. Your wallet won't be happy but that's okay because you'll look good.
  7. Get pedicure ready. Most slack in this dept through the winter (I do almost as much as in the shaving dept... #notreallyYESreally). Before I go in for my first pedi of the season I like to pamper my feet a bit and pretend like I kept up all winter long. I soak, scrub, trim and paint my piggies so as not to gross out the nail tech. Now you know all of my secrets.
  8. Consider picking up a product with more SPF. You should be using SPF year round but I personally up the wattage as soon as warmer weather hits. My cc cream/foundation of choice for this spring/summer is IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+.
  9. Stock up on fresh scents. Put away the pumpkin, cinnamon and evergreen fragrances and head over to Bath & Body Works. Pick up spring scents that are Luau inspired so you can pretend you're on an island. I did this past weekend during an awesome soap sale!!! Pass the Pina Coladas!
  10. Smile! That's sounding so lame right now. But Annie was pretty smart when she was all like "you're never fully dressed without a smile". Smiling shows the world how sexy you are and radiates confidence. None of the clothing or face paint matters without your pearly whites!

What are your must-have fashion and beauty items for Spring?