Top 10 Nail Polish Collections for Summer 2014

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For this weeks Top 10 Tuesday we decided to list our Top 10 Nail Polishes for Spring/Summer. I ended up just picking entire nail polish collections, because who could pick just 10 nail polishes?! Especially when all of this neon brightness and shimmer is involved. It's like trying to pick your favorite kid. You just can't. The guilt might kill you (and if it doesn't the forgotten lacquers will).

In no particular order:

Top 10 Summer Nail Polishes
  1. Neons by OPI is the first full size neon OPI collection! 6 shocking neon shades accompany a white base coat to bring out their true vibrant colors.
  2. Cult Nails has gorgeous new shades now being sold individually from the It's a New Day Collection and also a pre-order going on for their May collection Spring Radiance. Right now you can save 20% site wide with code CELEBRATE and also receive a Free Glass Nail File with any order over $100 (I have one that I bought forever ago and it's still fantastic!).
  3. Zoya Tickled has 6 cream nail polish shades that are vibrant, but only border neon. They're perfect if you want to get in on the trend but not go overboard.
  4. Zoya Bubbly has 6 holo glitter infused nail polish shades that will make you freak out over life when you see them. The formula is buildable so you can wear them alone or layer.
  5. Essie Too Taboo is a collection of understated neon shades. It makes sense, with Essie you think neutral... this is as neutral as neon can get... which isn't very much (neutral, that is)!
  6. China Glaze Offshore has 12 electric shades of polish from light to neon to dark. Between the color palette and nautical names like Be More Pacific you can't pass these up for Summer!
  7. Orly Baked is another collection of rainbow neons, but several of the shades have a twist. Holo bar glitter, anyone (in the shade LUSH)?
  8. Chanel Reflets d’Été - Five soft to vibrant summer shades were released and I just had to pick up Sweet Lilac (pinked lilac!) and Tutti Frutti (a fiery coral)!
  9. Maybelline Bleached Neons (yes, more neons, I'm a child of the 80's and I'm excited) but this one has a citrus neon shade (Bleached in Peach)! I need it in my life, so hard. Oddly, I can't usually find the mythical LE Color Tattoos and then with nail polish I'm knee deep... with Bleached Neons the opposite is happening!
  10. Pixi Beauty has some vivid nail polish shades in their line up and one I keep seeing over and over again that I'm totally in love with is Oh So Orange. I am also head over heels with Lime Lustre and L.A. Blue!

I have a lot of the above here for swatching so keep an eye out this week!

What is your favorite nail polish from Spring/Summer?