TONI&GUY® Hair Meet Wardrobe Product Launch at Walgreens

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TONI&GUY® Hair Meet WardrobeTM Now Available at Select Walgreens

Every day you wake up thinking about how to accessorize your clothes with shoes, jewelry and makeup…but what about your hair? When it comes to looking good, your hair is your best accessory.


Now it is easier than ever to complete your look from head to toe - introducing TONI&GUY® Hair Meet WardrobeTM hair care and styling products, available at Walgreens.

TONI&GUY® Hair Meet Wardrobe is a cutting edge range of hair care and styling products from one of the most innovative salons in the world. With years of experience creating hair fashion trends and styling celebrities and top models backstage at international fashion shows, no brand is better positioned than TONI&GUY to give you the products, inspiration and education to help you express your personal style from the head down.

The ‘Hair Meet Wardrobe’ philosophy behind this new collection is that style shouldn't just be about the clothes you wear, but rather your entire look from head to toe and the attitude that goes with it.

TONI&GUY offers 3 fashion-inspired hair styling product collections at Walgreens – Casual, Classic and Glamour. Whether you’re going for smooth and shiny waves or pumped-up volume, you’ll find the right styling products for you to complete your look from head to toe.

Casual: For the girl who loves to look effortlessly cool but still sexy, the Casual collection offers styling products to create loose, textured and carefree looks, with a lived-in feeling. Casual hair looks are relaxed but have movement, created but casual, fun and impactful - perfect whether you are hanging out at the local market looking for the latest vintage finds or meeting friends for coffee and gossip. The collection includes Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Forming Spray Gel and Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Classic: Being polished, but not prudish, is the sign of a Classic girl. Team your pearls with boyish tailoring and create hair styles with an air of elegance but twist of attitude. Sleek waves, perfect ponytails and simply straight bobs are created with styling products in the Classic collection. The collection includes Shine Gloss Serum and Smoothing Lotion.

Glamour: If you like to grab attention with your head-turning, red carpet style, then the Glamour collection is for you. Set your sights high with cocktail party looks created with the Glamour collection products. Creating the ultimate in hold and powerful body, your hair will ooze style and sophistication with a dash of glitz. The collection includes Volume Plumping Whip and Firm Hold Hairspray.


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