Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Swatches & Review

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I couldn't decide on which of the eight Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers I wanted needed so I bit down and bought six of them, figuring bright pinks are never for me. I chose 01 In the Buff, 02 Pink Dune, 03 Bitter Sweet, 04 Summer Fling, 05 Sweet Spot and 06Firecracker. Well.... you'll see what happened.

What the Neiman Marcus website says about the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers:

Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color Sheer Swatches Review

Harmonizing sensuous shades of shimmering nudes and hot, vivid colors, the limited edition Tom Ford Sheer Collection delivers an irresistible effect that complements sun-kissed, Summer skin. A decadent mix of shea butter and vitamins C and E helps lavish the lips with saturated moisture. The distinct, beveled Lip Color Sheer bullet is packaged in a retro-chic, ivory- and gold-colored Tom Ford Case.

I love this color change on the packaging. Rather than the blackened brown and gold we're used to seeing with the core lipstick packaging, it's a more mod yet chic look of white and gold.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Review
Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Ingredients
Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Packaging
Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Pyramid

The swatches below were taken indoors using flash:

The swatches below were taken outside, using flash:

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Swatches Indoors

Formula wise these are all consistent across the board in the fact that they're all slightly to moderately sheer and semi-buildable. Smooth and enjoyable to wear they look great and while they don't last more than a few hours they're a breeze to reapply. I must admit, I love to reapply these... the slip is magnificent and tubes are just so gorgeous.

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Swatches outside

01 In the Buff is a nude, slightly peachy shimmer. This one basically looks like nothing on the lips, just more of a conditioner with a shimmer and tint of color. While I loved all of these lipsticks In the Buff was probably my least favorite in terms of the wear and lack of color. But, in all fairness... it is named "buff" aka naked...

02 Pink Dune is a very light, shimmery pink. This was basically a MLBB shade for me with the added shimmer. At first I was like meh... but the more I wore it the more I absolutely loved it. Surely dupeable, but whatever =)

Tom Ford In the Buff Lip Color Sheer Swatches

03 Bitter Sweet is a sheer raisin. Oh you love the deep vamp burgundy lip but are nervous to test it out? Dip your toe into the waters with this one, because it's literally the most perfect "I'm ready to be couture but need a minute to get used to it" shade.

Tom Ford Pink Dune Lip Color Sheer Swatches

04 Summer Fling is a girly peachy-pink that screams Spring, which I totally need right now because I'm going insane with all of these "polar vortex/thunder snow" things. At least I can put on this beautiful, sheer pink and pretend it's warm outside.

Tom Ford Bitter Sweet Lip Color Sheer Swatches

05 Sweet Spotis a gorgeous sheer coral. This is a shade I live in during the warm months. It's my summer go-to!

Tom Ford Summer Fling Lip Color Sheer Swatches

06 Firecracker is a warm red with a slight orange tint to it. I was drawn to this shade first, because... well it's red. I love a good red and this one is just shiny and sheer enough to still be able to pull off during the day but still vibrant enough for evening.

Tom Ford Sweet Spot Lip Color Sheer Swatches

In the end I ordered the other two. I can't help it, the formula is that good and the pigment is on that level where the shade isn't over-bearing. It's perfectly pigmented, yet also perfectly understated... even while being a little daring (on the brighter shades).

Tom Ford Firecracker Lip Color Sheer Swatches

This lipstick just melts into the lips when you apply, it's so lovely and comfortable. Three of the six shades that I reviewed did settle into the lip lines after a bit (In the Buff, Summer Fling, Sweet Spot), but I assure you it's much more noticeable in the pics than in real life.

Which of the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers is your favorite?

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Swatches

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer retails for $49.00 and is available at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom.