Three Things Your Dad Wants for Father's Day

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Father's Day is June 15th and maybe you're feeling a little frantic about what to get your dad. I am. It just hit me that this weekend is Father's Day and I haven't gotten anything! I decided to use my brainstorming for a post to help anyone else who is also having a Daddy Day Brain Fart.

Also, for your glee and amusement, a pic of me and my dad back in good ol' 1983.

Golf Balls. That's pretty literal, but basically whatever he's into. If he's a golfer - get him golf balls. Does he love to read? Get him a Kindle/Amazon gift card for books. If he swims, maybe a new Speedo (I'm totally kidding... unless he's into that then whatever). Basically, know his interests and go from there.


A Heartfelt Card. Dad is a big ol' softy, no matter what he says. I like to grab two cards for Father's Day - one sappy card and one hilarious card with something like an ape digging in it's butt. Who doesn't love that?

Tools. Unless of course you're my Dad in which case you'd have no idea what to do with the tools. We seriously bought him a tool belt one year as a gag. It's been said he's the only Italian man out there who doesn't know a "trade". He's lucky he's cute.

Low on cash? Wash his car. Mow the lawn. Clean his house. Bring him food either into work or to his place.

Basically, just remember your pops. Regardless of your financial situation Dad just wants to know you care!

Happy Father's Day this Sunday to all the daddies!