The Coolest Treat Bag at the Pool

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*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #newOREOThins #CollectiveBias

One of the main Summer activities going on around here is a daily trip to the pool. It's already borderline brutal hot out so the decision to get to the pool the minute it opens and stay through the afternoon is not a hard one. What is a hard decision is figuring out the snacks I'm having at the pool to keep my own personal sweet tooth under control.

The coolest Snack Bag at the pool

The pool we frequent is private, but anyone in the community can pay to join every year. So, to make some money, they have an awesome snack bar. Of course. To keep myself out of this snack area I pack a treat sack. To stay smart about it and keep myself from going overboard and eating all of the treats at once I section them off into threes.

OREO THINS Lemon Mint review flavor

My snack of choice can sometimes be a menagerie of things but lately I've been into the new OREO THINS because they're thin, crisp and completely satisfying. That Mint flavor got me like you wouldn't believe <3

OREO THINS adult sandwich snack cookies

Since one flavor is never enough I picked up three kinds - the original OREO flavor, Mint and Lemon. Because there are several flavors of these thin cookies to choose from it basically makes my snack bag into the ultimate treat destination of my adult life.

OREO THINS crispy snack sandwich review pool bag snacks

To create my own personal "coolest treat bag at the pool" I first get one sandwich sized baggie and then several personal sized baggies.


Next I pick up my snacks of choice which recently, as I said above, are the new OREO THINS.


Since I'm into variety I pack all three of my favorite flavors, each in it's own personally sized baggie for convenience and control but it also makes them easier to share.


I pop the snack baggies into the bigger one and they're ready to get pulled out the minute the craving strikes. Since the flavors are all a little different the sectioned baggies also make it so that flavors don't get mixed up. I'm weird about that!

OREO THINS snacks pool bag

For days when I don't have the time to baggie it I grab one of the OREO THINS 12 packs where there are already 4 cookies to a pack. Easy, peasy.

OREO THINS 4 pack walmart

This makes for the coolest treat bag at the pool ;) All the moms want one!

I picked up all three of these flavors (but there are more!) at my local Walmart!


What do you eat when you're at the pool?

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #newOREOThins #CollectiveBias