TEMPTU Color True Lipstick Swatches + Review

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When I first read about the new TEMPTU Color True Lipsticks I sat up a little straighter in my chair and got to the researching. TEMPTU is my favorite of all favorites for airbrushing and now there are lipsticks?! My fave airbrush brand now makes lipsticks. It's like back when you were a kid and you took your first trip into a candy store to choose your own jelly beans for the first time. I was that excited... if anyone understands me you will.

Temptu Color True Lipstick

Packaged in slim, chic black tubes these lipsticks come in 8 shades. I have three colors to share with you today in Imperial Red, Coral Blaze and Blushed Suede.

Temptu Color True Lipstick Review

You won't find a smoother, more pigmented, demi-matte lipstick than this. They have a nice slip and are so easy to apply as well as comfortable to wear. The colors aren't waterproof but they're listed as long-wearing and they definitely are that. You don't even need to bother with lip liner on these because they do not feather out of the lip line or migrate. Even with eating and drinking, while some product will transfer to your glass or food, there will still be product left on the lips and a pretty even amount at that. Fair warning: I have so much love for these three shades this may or may not make you roll your eyes.

Imperial Red is a deep, saturated red. It's that red that's dark enough that you want to say it's vampy... but it's not really vampy. I never thought I could be as obsessed with a red shade (and trust me... I've been through A LOT) as much as I was/am with the now discontinued Chanel Dragon. TBH I'm sitting here wearing it again with NO OTHER MAKEUP because I just had to put it on while I was typing this out.

Coral Blaze is a hot coral that hits much more red when worn on the lips. This is the perfect shade for Summer!

Blushed Suede is a deep mauve rose and I love this as an every day color. It almost makes my lips appear to be a bit bigger than they are. Obsessed. You can have the Kylie Jenner lips without a shot glass! bahaha!

These lipsticks are swatched below on my arm with just one pass:

Temptu Color True Lipstick Swatches

What shades of the TEMPTU Color True Lipsticks are you wanting to pick up? Next on my list are Rose Velveteen and Pink Hype!

The TEMPTU Color True Lipsticks retail for $24.00 each and can be purchased at TEMPTU.

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