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Since seeing the Temptu AIRbrush Makeup Systemlast year at IMATS I've been dying to get my hands on one. I do some bridal and prom makeup throughout the year for people, but not nearly enough to warrant purchasing a system that I, admittedly, really only wanted for my personal use. With the release of the new Kaleidoscope CollectionAIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 I was fortunate enough to be sent one for testing and review along with a foundation in my shade and a bronzer.

Once the system was here I was definitely intimidated. One: because I don't assemble things well (ever) and Two: because... well who wants to screw up and be all "I suck I can't airbrush, sorry". It's like being told "You can't sit with us".

YEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 AIRpod Photos Review Swatches

I worried for absolutely NOTHING. Temptu includes extremely easy to follow instructions for assembling the AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 and preparing the AIRpods for use. You'll also find how-to get started with flawless foundation as well as tips on Trigger Control and the Dial, which provides adjustable air flow. There are also professional tips on the back so you can give yourself the most flawless airbrushed beauty known to man and getting Temptu's Signature Look.

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System Review
TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System Description
Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0
TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 Photos Review

(Photo from my Instagram)

Temptu AIRpod

I began with my foundation, which is in the shade 005 Beige. Below you can see the Before (left) and After (right) photo. You only get to see me in no makeup (in the before photo) because I love you guys and loved how natural the Temptu AIRbrush System made my face. You can adjust the dial or layer for more coverage.

TEMPTU Hot Pink AIRbrush System 2.0

(Before/After photo from my Instagram)

TEMPTU AIRbrush Foundation Before After

Next I applied the Bronzer, which is in the shade Warm Glow. I bronzed very lightly all over my face and concentrated a bit more to accentuate the hollows of my cheeks.

(Before/After photo from my Instagram)

TEMPTU AIRbrush Bronzer Before After

Visit the website for tips from the pros on how to apply the AIRbrush Makeup System to lips, cheeks, body and eyes as well as the do's and don'ts of airbrushing!

In the end I was smitten with the AIRbrush Makeup System and kicking myself for not picking up a compressor last year! Have you tried airbrushing either yourself or on someone else? What are your tips?

TEMPTU Kaleidoscope

You can purchase a complete Temptu Signature Starter Kit (which is the AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0, a foundation pod, highlighter pod and blush pod) for $200 at Temptu.com. There are also plenty of other options and kits for you to take advantage of. Be sure to keep up with Temptu on Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Google+.