Target Beauty Bag for Fall 2012

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In my seemingly infinite sickness I thought I'd pop in and share the latest (and maybe last?!) Target Beauty Bag!

First, I'm sure you're wondering, how do you get a FREE Target Beauty Bag? What you used to do, was go to the Target Style Facebook Page, click like, and there would be an area on there where you could enter your info for a bag. Yes, they sold out quickly.

With this last bag, which was for Fall 2012, there were rumors that it would be the last. Actually, not really rumors, since the Target Style Facebook Page was the one that said it on October 2.

Unfortunately, I have no idea why they're ending this. It was such a fun little freebie and a great way to try out new beauty products and get coupons. I do hope they bring it back and if I hear anything I'll share the news with you!

On to the bag!

This year the makeup bag is LEOPARD PRINT. And it's the NICE, chic looking leopard print too... not the weird looking stuff. It's plastic but the way the material is formed it almost looks like it would feel furry. I am IN LOVE with this bag more than any other freebie makeup bag ever.


The inside is just black and houses some fun samples from Pixi, L'Oreal, Jergens, Fekkai, and Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy. In addition to the samples there is also a Target Coupon Book with coupons for full sizes of the included sample items as well as products from Pantene, Revlon, Aveeno, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Olay, and Nivea.


Have you ever picked up one of the Target Beauty Bags? What do you think of them?