Sunday Photo Dump - Volume One

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Today I realized that I have a couple random pics on my file that I had meant to post on here, but now I can't remember what they were for, what they are.... plus more. Since I can't remember enough for full posts every once in awhile I'm going to randomly do a "Sunday Photo Dump". It'll clear some space in my folder and will give you something fun to look at ;)

First up! Pretty Chanel holiday packaging! Over the holidays gift wrapped all of their orders for FREE! This was a nice, big, festive box full of goodness ;)

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MARCEL!!! It's François NARS' doggie poo Marcel. He looks totally fab ;) The pic is the best and it's totally getting framed and going up in my closet. This was the note included when they sent over the NARS Everlasting Love palette.

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Didded up my eyeballs with the Chanel Stupendous Quad... too bad I don't remember what anything else is .... lol

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And that's all for this Sunday Dump!!! See ya next time ;)