“Style Studio with Rebecca Minkoff” on Yahoo! Screen

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“Style Studio with Rebecca Minkoff” on Yahoo! Screen


In this gorgeously photographed fashion series, designer Rebecca Minkoff opens up her style studio to women who are stylistically lost and have the "profile pics" to prove it. Through her innovative three step process, Rebecca will help women discover their own unique sense of style and create the online profile picture that will help them achieve their dreams– a new job, a new relationship, or just making new friends. (Hud:sun Media)

The show will air every Wednesday following Rebecca as she helps stylistically lost women find their unique sense of style.

In the first episode we meet Nelsie, a 54 year old writer who has spent years working from home and now needs to market herself to potential investors for a new business venture. Rebecca will help update her look so that she can show her magnetic and outrageous personality and yet still manage be professional enough to lure investors.