Stereo Rose 2005 vs Stereo Rose 2010

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FINALLY my backorder of MAC Stereo Rose arrived on Friday. I almost tripped over it walking out the door because I was not expecting it to arrive that day, or really ever.

The day it launched I placed my order through at 8:59am when By Candlelight was already sold out and Stereo Rose was listed as still available. The dreaded backorder notice arrive in my inbox a day or so later. After a week I'd given up. So what a pleasant surprise!

I'd like to compare the Stereo Rose of the past to the Stereo Rose of now. There seems to be some difference of opinions concerning if they are the same. Some peoples are... some peoples aren't. I don't know that I think the formula has been messed with, but the veining in your particular SR would probably have something to do with it.

Here is a shot of my two Stereo Rose side by side:
2005 on the left, 2010 on the right

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This is a finger swatch of Stereo Rose 2005

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This is a finger swatch of Stereo Rose 2010

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And this is a finger swatch of them side by side

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I did take these pictures with the flash, and they do seem a shade off of each other. But really they're exactly the same. I can safely say to you, that SR05 and SR10 are 99.9% similar. At least mine are. When I test swatched in Nordies I could have sworn theres was WAY lighter and peachier than mine, which always seemed coral to me.

It'll be nice to be able to use my 2005 SR without a fear of running out. What would be even nicer is if MAC just released the MSF's permenantly or at least once a year. People would be pretty excited to get a Stereo Rose and a Pleasureflush for retail. Plus, it would kill the evil-bay hounds who are asking $100+ for these MSF's, which MAC frowns upon anyway. Just a thought.

Does anyone else have both Stereo Rose releases? Are yours the same? How do they differ?