Sinful Colors Swatches ~ Love Bite, Full Moon, Dawn

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Last night I needed my hair dye. (good point to do an FYI - kids and husbands cause grey hairs. Every time one of my kids does something dangerous or bad, or my husband does something ridiculous, one of my hairs loses pigment. It's so sad.)

I ran in a downpour to my local Rite-Aid to pick up my hair dye and (being that I was sans kids) did a walk around of the makeup and nail area. In the "new" section was a display I'd never seen before. The Sinful Colors Nail Polish display. They had about 20 of the core colors and a display set up of what I imagine is the new line (possibly a Fall/Halloween).

I picked up 3 of the new colors - Dawn, Full Moon, and Love Bite.

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is a purple based and almost jelly looking. In the light it reflects a gold and pink glitter. I don't have a TON of polishes, but it sure looks unique to me. I put this one on my toes (i'll spare you a pic) and it took 3 coats and I put a 4th on my big toe for good measure.

Full Moon is gorgeous and looks like foil. In the swatch photo it's only 1 coat, but it's extremely thick because I had a runaway drip avalanche and had to work with what happened.

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Love Bite is my fav of the trio. When I saw it in the store it looked simply like any other black polish with some glitter. In the light you really get to enjoy what Love Bite has to offer. It is black based BUT the glitter is a mix of teal/blue/purple/gold... it's a glitter that just won't quit. I wish the sun would have been out for better photos. There is no way to capture the beauty of this one. You need to go into the store and see it to believe it.

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I just love the names. The others had Twilight-esque names as well like Witching Hour, Dusk, Vamp...

I don't read a lot about Sinful on the most popular nail blogs. There are a few tidbits about the line here and there, but not what you'd expect from a line with such nice colors and such a reasonable price.

They are big 3 free so they ARE slightly runny and I did need at least 3 coats to get a nice color (the exception being Full Moon because it went on one thick coat because of the previously mentioned runaway polish landslide).

Sinful Colors retail for $2.50 online, but I got mine at Rite-Aid for $1.99 each. Check your local grocery store or drug store for availability.