How We Back-to-School Snack with Capri Sun

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It feels like the last day of school just happened and we had the beginning of Summer right at our fingertips. In the blink of an eye summer is over and in this house we're gearing up to head back to school. Back to school time means packing lunches, this year two lunches since my daughter is off to Kindergarten, and being prepared for when the kids get home. My kids are ravenous when they get home. If a stronger word than ravenous existed, I would use that. As soon as they bust through the front door I need to have healthy snacks at the ready or they're just going to grab whatever junk they get to first, which is not okay. Our after school set up always consists of a variety of fruit, veggies, etc... food items that they can consume as much as they need. Convenient drinks are also imperative. The easiest ones for me to grab are the juice drinks from Capri Sun. I remember Capri Sun from wayyyyy (okay, not too much way) back when I was in school, and I always wanted my mom to buy them for me so I could take them in my packed lunches. Not only does that impress me that I actually have a memory of loving this particular brand and product, but now as a mom there's also a comfort factor in knowing I'm a cool mom that with Capri Sun you're getting a drink with no artificial colors or flavors. Since back in my day more varieties and flavors have been introduced including Capri Sun Juice Drinks, Roarin’ Waters Flavored Water Beverage, 100% Juice and Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice, making it even more exciting for kids and parents. We buy them all but the favorite in this house is the Roarin' Waters Flavored Water Beverage, which makes me very happy because it's a low calorie flavored water beverage with no artificial colors or flavors. Clearly my kids don't know that, they just love them and know they taste good. Capri Sun easy for kids to open by themselves regardless of their location and are extremely portable. The new, stronger clear bottom pouch makes it easy to check for leaks and I love that I can even feel confident to throw a few in my tote bag for thirst emergencies. Of course, they're for the kids but I'm not above sipping on a few myself when they're not looking ;) Find out more by visiting the Capri Sun official website or visiting their Facebook page.

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