Shopping for Beauty My Family Trusts

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*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.

My son is 9 and gets incredibly excited when I come home from Walmart and I've brought him "man shampoo". What is man shampoo? Anything to wash his hair or bod that my husband also uses. AKA something obviously incredibly manly (even when it's pink colored and smells of flowers). Because he's 9 and has no concept of "you only need a small amount to get the job done" we go through everything pretty quickly. Man shampoo requirements for mom? Something inexpensive that gets the job done and that I can buy copious amounts of.

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Because I need to buy a lot at once I tend to order items we use in bulk online at (I go in store if we run out and we need one to hold us over). Buying online assures me that I can get as many products as I need and not wipe out the entire stock. When I shop online it's also easy to find all of the things I need for myself and my daughter without worrying about dragging the kids out in the cold. Lately we've had every sickness known to man in this house from the flu to the stomach bug to strep throat... all one right after another. Online shopping is basically my only salvation.

Walmart P&G #BeautyYourFamilyTrusts (Walmart) offers savings on products that everyone in this house will love. Adding the items to the cart and checkout is quick and easy - both things that are important to me when ordering online. If I have to look around or click too much or fill in info a million times I'm likely not even going to place the order. Who would? Plus, shipping is free if you spend $50 and the items arrive to me within the week. I actually got delay notices on several of the items shown in this post and still they all showed up in 5 business days. Love that!

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What products can you find on that your or your family would use?

*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.