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Recently I won a blog giveaway over at Overall Beauty for the new Shapercise Body Shaper. This could not have happened at a better time, since I'm in a wedding in JUNE and can't seem to lose the gut!

You can read all about the Body Shaper on the Shapercise website - but for this blog, I want to tell you about my experience with it.

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Personally, I love this product. Before this I was using Teez-Her tanks that I got at Macy's. It's basically a tank top that just sucks in your gut. I'm a mom with a bad metabolism, therefore I need things like that. I know I'm not alone, and I'm not embarrassed about it.

When Overall Beauty announced this contest I was all over it. It's seriously the best and most needed thing I've ever won. I wore these on Saturday to a family party. Hubbers cousin was turning 18, and at least if these things were uncomfortable I could go take them off and no one would care lol

They are SUPER comfortable. It's got built in underwear (yes, I'm talking to you about underwear) but I wore underwear underneath them. You put them on like you would panty hose and just inch them up. They didn't roll down and I didn't have to worry about an extra tank peeking through. I DO wish they would have went up a bit higher on my rump (hehe) but all in all they were super comfy. You could feel them on, but it's not inconvenient to your wardrobe or any activity. Obviously I can't report on the toning or calorie burning aspect yet, but I could feel how it could work for that purpose.

Once these are available for sale on the website I plan on purchasing another pair. I got the high waisted and will stick with that, since it covers and sucks in my most needed of areas... mah tummy. I see they have a black shade on the website, so I'm hoping they're available for sale SOON so I can add to my soon to be collection of these things.

I'm not sure what these retail for, as they aren't available for sale on the website yet, but I'll be sure to keep you all updated so when you can shop online you're aware!!

***This product was received free in a giveaway, but the review is honest and neither the company nor Overall Beauty asked me to post a review on this item. I did so simply because I loved the product and wanted to share my experience. =)