September 2015 RocksBox Photos & Review + {Get a FREE MONTH}

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This monthRocksbox hit it so out of the park with their shipment that I had a hard time sending it back! While I only kept one piece I wore all three items sent quite a bit. It's definitely renewed my excitement for the service and I'm eagerly anticipating my next shipment.

Keep reading to see what I kept and how to get your first month free!

Rocksbox subscription

What is Rocksbox? First you sign up on the website (use code BLUSHINGNOIRXOXO for a FREE month!) and become a “Shine Insider” for $19/month. Shipping each way is FREE. Take the style survey and add jewelry items to your wish list. Three pieces of jewelry will then be sent to you based on your style and specific requests. Wear/keep them for as long as you want or return them anytime and get three new pieces sent to you immediately (IME shipping is really fast). You can cancel at any time.

Rocksbox House of Harlow 1960

Your $19 gets you unlimited jewelry rental – so say you get three pieces that maybe you’re not so crazy about or maybe you KNOW you love one and dislike the rest. Send whatever you don’t like back and they’ll send you a new set out. You can do this as much as you want all month! For any pieces you keep you can use your Shine Spend/Forever Spend or they can charge your card on file.

What is Shine Spend? Every month you’ll receive $10 in Shine Spend to put towards any of your purchases. So if you have a $20 necklace you want to keep and you use your $10 Shine Spend you’ll pay only $10 out of pocket! Your Shine Spend does not accumulate, so make sure you use that $10!

What is Forever Spend? For every person you refer that signs up for Rocksbox you get a $25 referral credit! Forever Spend will never expire even if you cancel your membership.

When your Rocksbox arrives you’ll get a little note (like below) telling you all about the items that you’ve been sent – name, pricing etc. Everything also comes packed very well, looking beautiful.

Rocksbox jewelry

In this shipment I got...

Rocksbox jewelry coupon code free month

From Fortuni, Bunched Gold Dangly Earrings in Gold. When I first saw these in person I thought they looked very immature (even though they were on my wishlist). It was the first thing that popped into my head. Upon wearing them, though, I was in love. They swung in just the right way and added a fun-ness to every look. The retail price of this item is $38.00 and the member price is $30.00.

From Gorjana, Taner Bar Small Necklace. This necklace was delicate but paired well with the earrings that were also in the shipment. It was wonderful for wearing with jeans or dressier clothes. I loved the style and if it'd have been silver I would have kept it. I'm starting to feel like I have way too many gold necklaces! I requested some silver pieces in the notes and also on my wishlist, so hopefully they'll come in the next batch! The retail price of this item is $60.00 and the member price is $48.00. From House of Harlow 1960, Huaca Pyramids Large Hoop Earrings in Gold. I thought I was so over hoops until I put these on. I didn't even like them until I wore them. They aren't too heavy but they're not cheap feeling. Perfect for dressing up and down. I loved them so much I kept them! The retail price of this item is $43.00 and the member price is $34.00.


last month

this box was filled with items that I'll wear the crap out of. While I only kept one item I wore each piece frequently enough that it took me awhile to send the box back to receive a new one. My absolute favorite part about


is that I can try new jewelry pieces and I can keep the pieces I want at a discounted price. I usually purchase an item on an average of 50% of the time. I’m usually always pleased with the quality and they are pretty spot on matching my style with the jewelry that they send.

What do you think of Rocksbox? Are you going to check it out?
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