September 2014 RocksBox Photos & Review #RocksBoxSelfie

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This months RocksBox was amazing. Every single item was a love for me and it was really hard to not keep all three pieces. Check out what I got and let me know what your favorite piece is in the comments below!

ROCKSBOX Review #rocksboxselfie

From Urban Gem, Cecily Necklace in Yellow. How beautiful is this? I've never seen anything quite like it for a necklace (in terms of the color matched with the style) and it's also a shade I've been loving for a bright pop of color this season. Is it any surprise I kept this one? The retail price of this item is $50.00 and the member price is $40.00.

From Gorjana, Elea Cuff. I was obsessed with this gold cuff too. I'd have kept it as well if not for the fact that I have a lot of gold bracelets that I never wear =\ The bracelet was thin and it was easy to fit it to my wrist, which is nice because it wasn't going anywhere. The retail price of this item is $134.00 and the member price is $107.00.

From Matterial Fix, Lattice Earring in Gold. The detail on these earrings was gorgeous and I love the small rhinestones worked throughout. I just bought the gold earrings from two months ago, or I'd have definitely kept these ones! (It's also worth noting that I loved the earrings from this brand last month too!) The retail price of this item is $54.00 and the member price is $43.00.

(Makeup worn is Urban Decay - breakdown is here)

September 2014 ROCKSBOX Review #RocksBoxSelfie

I love that with RocksBox I can try new jewelry pieces and I can keep the pieces I want at a discounted price. I usually purchase an item on an average of 50% of the time. I’m always pleased with the quality and they are pretty spot on matching my style with the jewelry that they send.

Here is the best part! Yes, there is more! You can get purchase credits for referrals! Let me explain. For every person you refer that signs up for RocksBox you get a $25 referral credit! You can also get on Social Media (like you're not already) and show off your baubles! #RocksBoxSelfie will get you entered into the monthly contest where you could win a different prize every month such as jewelry pieces, a $50 RocksBox Purchase Credit, even a free membership – be sure to enter for your chance to win!

What do you think of RocksBox? Are you going to check it out? Click here for a free month!