September 2011 BIRCHBOX Photos and Thoughts

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It was no secret that I wasn't a big fan of my August Birchbox. August was my first month for Birchbox, and I had really built them up in my head. So when I got it I was pretty disappointed.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue on with the service, but then I'd heard it was their 1 year anniversary in September. Surely for their 1 year they would do something amazing! Unfortunately, the early buzz wasn't good. I took a peek at a few other blog posts to see what the fuss was about, and was pretty disappointed.

Before my own Birchbox had even arrived I was ready to cancel. I'm actually glad I didn't! First, let me share some pics of what is inside this month's Birchbox, and how I'm feeling about each item.

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~ Minimalist colorescience pro Sunforgettable Mineral Powder SPF30 in Medium
~ Adventurous Incoco Nail Polish Applique
~ Practical Jouer Lip Enhancer
~ Hands On Jurlique Rose Hand Cream
~ Classic Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo L'Eau Florale
~ TREAT Birchbox Friendship Bracelet

First impression - wtf. If you've read my posts before, you know there is no love between me and mineral makeup. The ONLY mineral shadows I like are those from Overall Beauty. I find others (yes, even from BE) fade and crease and just straight up crap out on me. Same with the powders. So, when I saw a Mineral Powder I rolled my eyes. You know I actually LIKE THIS A LOT?! I pay out the wah-zoo for my Lancome Pressed Powder, so this Minimalist Mineral Powder is PERFECT for running out the door days when I'm not doing anything and don't want to do a full out face of makeup. It's supposed to mattify and it sure does. I'm super impressed with it.

I freaking love the Jouer Lip Enhancer. It's SO smooth and lovely. I am rubbing my lips together continuously like a nutcase. It's just that great.

I love nail appliques, the ones from Sally Hansen being my faves, so once I give these ones from Adventurous Incoco a go I'll post about them. They're a fun Zebra print, and though I'd have loved the leopard more, these are still animal printed and awesome!

The Jurlique Rose Hand Cream is lightly scented, but coming from someone who hates the smell of roses, it isn't offensive or overpowering. It feels nice as you put it on but only sinks in about 75% of the way. It also leaves behind an odd sticky feeling. It's because of this I do not like this product.

The Classic Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo L'Eau Florale at first spray is PHENOMENAL. My go to scent is the original Chanel Chance. I rarely find anything I like as much and when I do the scent never lasts. It's delicate, sweet and not as floral smelling as you'd think. As it sinks in you can definitely pick out the peony scent more, which is the only thing that would keep me from buying it. If the scent that first hits the skin stuck around I'd buy it in gallons.

The Birchbox Friendship Bracelet is a sweet token. It is not something I'd personally wear, and at first I'm like wow they tied a square to a string, but I get the idea behind it. I gave it to my daughter and she's in love.

Because I am so in love with the Mineral Powder and Jouer Lip Enhancer I'm going to keep my Birchbox subscription going on into October. I never would have known about or tried these products without Birchbox, so I'm going into another month just as eager as can be ;)

If you want to sign up for your own Birchbox subscription, I'd LOVE to refer you! I get referral points for each person that I refer that signs up, so just shoot me your email address (either here, twitter, facebook, or email me personally!) and I will send you the referral email ASAP.