Scratch Lacework Nail Wraps Swatches + Review

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I love to use nail wraps for mani days. Rarely can I have a mani day so when I can get down to it I like to make it a little more special. I'm not the best at doing fun or creative nail art so wraps help me feel a bit more fancy. Wraps are also nice because they don't chip as quickly as polish so they're particularly wonderful for vacation. One of my favorite brands of nail wraps are from Scratch, which sells the wraps one set at a time or in a monthly subscription service.

Scratch Lacework Nail Wraps review photos swatches

The Lacework design shown above is from the April subscription box and they were designed by Chelsea Kent who is one of the Scratch resident artists. It's a limited edition set of wraps (though still available as of the date of this blog post) and along with I also received a white nail polish from Aila in the shade MacKenna and a nail art brush to help create a fun design.

Scratch nail wrap review

In each set you get 16 nail wraps which can last you for a really long time. You don't need to put them on every single finger. If they're intricate I like to use them just as an accent nail, or maybe even on every nail but the accent nail. If you have wraps with negative space (which are my personal faves) you can paint under them to change up the look every time or revive an old manicure by slapping one of the wraps on over a nail that's chipping more than the rest. Basically for the $12.00 you can get several manicures, fix old manicures and be so on trend Cara Delevingne's eyebrows will be jealous.

Scratch Nail Wraps stick on easily, are easy to smooth out and also last over a week on me (which is impressive because I'm rough on my manis!).

Below I'm wearing the Scratch Lacework Nail Wraps over Chanel Mediterranee Le Vernis. You may have seen it earlier when I posted it to my Instagram. I am SO in love with this combo. It makes me think of the beach, which is somewhere I so desperately want to be right now! I can almost smell the Pina Coladas! On the next run I want to wear it over a hot pinked red shade or maybe a neon!

Scratch Lacework Nail Wraps swatches

Are you loving these as much as me? Individual Scratch Nail Wraps will run you $12.00 a set but you can also sign up for their monthly mani subscription box which is only $10 a month plus shipping. Each kit includes one nail wrap plus surprise extras like polish, tools, brushes, foil, charms. As a subscriber you'll get to choose from one of three nail wrap designs, and they'll also add the extras to complete the manicure!

I think it's FANTASTIC that you get to pick the wraps you want from that month's set rather than just getting a random. One set a month plus the goodies works out perfectly for someone like me that doesn't do a full manicure often enough to warrant the full service (described below). At this time there is no referral system in place for this subscription service.

If you really love nail wraps there is also a pack that is $30.00 a month (free shipping) for 3 nail wraps (which already puts you at a $36 value!), tools & accents as well as a surprise gift! Signing up for this also guarantees that you will get the limited edition wraps that sell I remember last Summer they had this flipping AMAZING set of shark wraps that I'd have sold a kidney for and they were gone in a blink. If you sign up and don’t like it you can cancel or skip your next month. I love when these monthly services give you that option!

Scratch Nail Wraps review lacework

For my next wraps I really want to check out the Zodiac collection (I'm Scorpio!) and Reptilian. I think it's safe to say the negative space ones are my faves. I love that you can do different colors underneath and change it up. I have Vegas coming up soon, which set do you think I should wear??

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