Revlon SATELLITE Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel Swatches & Review

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Revlon has recently come out with a rather cool concept! A stunning dual sided polish... cream on one side, fun and flakie on the other! The Nail Art Moon Candy Nail Enamel selections were all gorgeous, but I settled on a shade I knew I'd love in Satellite.

Pretty, right? Yum.


The polish side is a gorgeous, creamy, glossy burgundy. I loveeee this color. The formula spread on well, but was a bit thick. Two coats were needed for full opacity.


The flakie side, while gorgeous, was kind of a pain to work with. I had to sort of place the flakes. I love that shattered glass effect, though. The above photo was taken in the shade with the flash. Below is in the shade, no flash. One coat of the flakie side was used, as the clear base was thick.


Cons of the bottle:

  • The bottle is awkward to hold, making it hard to paint the vampy color on. It's like you're holding a thick pencil.
  • Don't try to rest the brush back in the bottle without closing it.. because it is going to fall over.

Breaking it down, while I appreciate the concept, I'd rather buy a plain polish and a great flakie top coat (there are so many out there!). I could get over how I feel about the packaging of the nail polishes, if the polishes themselves were flawless.

If you want to check out some of the other shades, Nouveau Cheap has some nice swatches and descriptions. I'm especially loving Orbit!

Have you tried these? Which is your favorite? Are some of the shades easier to use than others?

Revlon Nail Art Nail Enamel retail for around $7.99 (look for sales and coupons for a discount!) at your local drugstore retailer.