Revlon 587 WILD ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow Swatches, Review & EOTD - Rio Rush Spring 2014

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When I saw the latest Revlon display at Rite-Aid the shades immediately drew me in. The Rio Rush Collection, which was done in collaboration with Gucci Westman, is bold & bright - which always appeals to me even though I generally wear neutrals.

The collection is on the small side, containing only two ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow palettes in Exotic and today's post of Wild.

What the Revlon website says about the Rio Rush Collection:

Revlon 587 Wild ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow Swatches Review Photos

The exclusive Rio Rush Collection by Gucci Westman showcases the latest trends inspired by the passion and energy of Brazil. Bold, bright, sexy color is perfectly complimented with glowing bronze skin. Get ready to celebrate!

Revlon ColorStay Wild Review Swatches Photos
Revlon WILD ColorStay Eye Shadow Palette How to Wear

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow in Wild is definitely bold and slightly intimidating with the bright orange and deep teal, BUT it's very balanced with the taupe and icy white shades. Having two neutrals and two brights in a palette is so perfect for wearing an every day eye look and also for getting a little crazy.

More often than not I have to apply a colored base to get the best pigment possible out of these palettes. With Wild I was pleasantly surprised to not have to use a base at all to get the shades to pop at just the right intensity. However, if you're looking for them to be louder while you wear them on the eye a colored base would definitely do that for you.

Revlon ColorStay WILD Summer 2014 Review Swatches

I found the shades in this palette to feel slightly dry (mostly just on the matte orange and teal shades) but it didn't effect application or blending, which I found to be quite easy to do.

Wild is swatched below on my arm dry, with no primer.

In the eye look below I decided I wanted to channel Katniss because I finally started to watch the Hunger Games movies. If I do up my makeup like Katniss and Jennifer Lawrence plays her in the movies that basically makes me J.Law's BFF. Ask anyone.

Revlon WILD ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow Swatches Summer 2014

It's pretty obvious how i used Revlon Wild (taupe on the lid, teal at the outer V and crease, white to blend out the crease and highlight, orange under the lower lash line), but I also added in Chanel Marine Le Crayon Kohl as a liner and smudged it up, that taupe liner is Le Metier de Beaute Champagne Dualistic Eye Pencil. The mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex. I also used the original Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base.

How would you wear Wild? Or is Exotic more your style?

Revlon WILD ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow Eye Look Swatches

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Eye Shadow retails for around $5.99 (give or take, depending on the store and/or sales) and is available at your local drugstore.