Reviva Labs SKIN ENERGIZING GEL Photos and Review

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Reviva Labs has taken beauties all over the world by storm with their affordable and effective skin care products. They have something for everyone (even a newly released line for expectant mamas!) and I haven't yet met a product from this brand I haven't loved.

Recently, I was sent a facial mask to test out (review to come), and included in the package was a surprise! A bottle of the Skin Energizing Gel! Read on to see what this product is all about.

What the Reviva Labs website has to say about Skin Energizing Gel:

Remarkable gel stimulates skin's metabolism, can help lessen the appearance of wrinkles, improve clarity, help firm up skin texture. And it does it F-A-S-T. In just a few days you start to see and feel results. "Use alone" nightly, or under your regular night cream.

Skin Energizing Gel really did make my moisturizer soak better. I've always been happy with the night creams that I use, but this past winter I kept getting dry patches to the left of my eye brows. It was a little random and weird, and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of them. Even after the first day of using this product, the patches were noticeably diminished. After a little less than a week, they were gone.


This product was the kick in the pants that my skin needed over the cold dry months.

Reviva Labs Skin Energizing Gel retails for $10 and can be purchased at their website, as well as at and Ulta.