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I had such a great experience with the skin care regime that Reviva Labs sent me that I immediately jumped at the chance to test out their Makeup Primer!

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I've tried several makeup primers, mostly samples from Sephora orders, but I did check out a full size of Smashbox. I just don't like how you can FEEL them on your face. It's not unpleasant, but you KNOW it's there, like you spread baby powder all over. I couldn't get down with that, and was not a fan.

With Reviva Labs Makeup Primer you just need a PEA SIZED amount to cover your ENTIRE face. I put a small amount on my middle finger, dipped my other middle finger in that, patted all over my face and smoothed it around. My face makeup went on smoother, and looked more flawless. Most importantly, once it was on I couldn't TELL it was on. I didn't get the urge that my face needed washed.

From the website:

Apply over moisturizer or instead of moisturizer. Lines fill in, pores are concealed, excess oil is controlled. Skin so touchable, so silky smooth, you will find it hard to believe.

I couldn't agree more! The Reviva Labs Makeup Primer is $19.50 for 1oz. It is going to take you forever to finish that up. I've been using it every day for 2 weeks now and it doesn't even look like it's been touched. I took 2 weeks to post this review because I tend to get reactions to products, regardless of what companies say. I'm happy to report I did not have any reaction to this makeup primer. No break outs, no rashes. YAY!

Check out the website for Reviva Labs. There is something for everyone, and the products have been truly life changing for me. Which sounds extremely dramatic, but I really believe in these products and in the company. You can purchase Reviva Labs Products from their website, as well as at and Ulta.

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