Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask Review & Photos

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One of my favorite ways to pamper myself (and maybe freak my kids out a little bit) is to put on a face mask. The ones I love the most are the clay ones that you smooth on your face and let dry, then you wipe it off with warm water. I've had bad experiences with cheap peel masks where it wouldn't come off (basically if you bought your face mask for $1 at Wal-Mart you shouldn't expect it to work out any differently), so I much prefer the rinse off kind!

The best clay mask by far is by Reviva Labs and is called the Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask. This is an excellent deep cleansing mask which helps your skin achieve proper oil/moisture balance. It's for all skin types, but will be especially useful for combination skins in avoiding breakouts.

Your skin will feel amazing, CLEAN, and supple after you remove this mask. Within the pot you'll get several uses, so the price point is insanely affordable for such a great product. In all of my years of sampling clay masks I've never found one I've liked as much as this one.


For maximum benefits, you could also use the Skin Energizing Gel to "charge" the skin before applying facial masks.

Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask retails for $12.00 and is available on the website as well as at